Our 35 Year Reunion is Saturday JUNE 25, 2022




11:00 AM to 1 PM
Location Within Bond Park: Kiwanis Shelter
"Cook Out" Pig Picking & Barbeque Chicken, Hot Dogs and Hamburgers
Everyone Needs to Bring Their Own Side Dish, Dessert and Drinks to Share.

Second Event:

111 Place Event Hall
111 Realtors Way
Located off Harrison and Weston Parkway Cary, NC
6 PM to 12 AM


Catered Luncheon:
Bond Park Kiwanis Shelter 11 AM to 1 PM
Pig Picking, Chicken, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers
Everyone needs to bring their Favorite Side Dish, Dessert and Drinks!
Please bring Ice as well!

Location: 111 Place Event Hall
111 Realtors Way
Cary, NC 27513

DJ Mix "Master B"
Bobby Jones former Classmate

Food & Drinks Being Catered for Evening Event:

Certified Prime Rib with Au Jus & Horseradish
Grilled Ranch Chicken
Baked Flounder with Butter and Lemon Sauce
Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Jack Daniels Demi-Glace
Fresh Sauteed Season Vegetables
Garden Salad with Ranch and Italian Dressing
Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls with Butter
Home Made Cookies
Sweet and Unsweet Tea with Lemons

3 Free Alcoholic Drinks ($5 per drink afterwards)

We are Renting 80's Video Game Machines, Pool Tables, Foosball Tables, Ping Pong Tables, Pin Ball Machines, Air Hockey Tables and More!!!!

This will be the Reunion Everyone will Talk About for Years to Come!!!

Feel free to contact me if anyone has any further questions (919) 612-9885 Cell or email:

Steve Gillooly