The Forecast for a few of the Class Mates from the Graduating Class of 1987 at Cary High School: 

At the time the following positions fit the person's personality and character traits:

Personal of the Year: Ken Massey
Real Estate Mongul: Steve Gillooly
Times Reporter: Sam Poley
Investigative Reporter: Lisa Wilshire
Olympic Swimer: Sean Callender
Fashion Designer: Kathy Bachelor
House Wife or Mom: Rhonda White
House Husband or Dad: Rodney Currie
IBM President: Aric Beals
Soap Opera Star: Marti Furman
Teacher of the Year: Allison Scobie
Talk Show Host: Yvette Banks
Hi Fi Model: Christine Greene
Oscar Winner Russ Corey
Saturday Night Live Host: Kevin Walker
Candy Sales Person: Amy Hisada
GQ Cover Model: Brian LeGates
Renowned Gospel Singer: Shirlita Smith
Pig/Farmer/Professional Fisherman: Bobby Ballard

Did any of these we assumed actually come true?