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I didn't go to many concerts in high school, but I did make it to see Def Leppard at the Greensboro Colliseum on May 26, 1983.

It was on a Thursday night, which sucked because I had...
Last Post: Apr 28th 2007
Author: Russell
# of posts: 2
The Log!!
Remember THE LOG? I'm pretty sure Robert Ferris found this place that we all enjoyed.
Last Post: Mar 31st 2007
Author: Rusty
# of posts: 2
Electing Setve G President
Remember the bonfire/ Keg party the night after electing Steve President? What a trip....Remember running thru the fields after the cops finally found us too?

Steve still delivered on...
Last Post: Dec 12th 2006
Author: Gandalff
# of posts: 1